There are some tips that you can use now to make your home look like a model home. I am serious! It isn’t as hard as you might think.

1. Float your furniture

Move your furniture away from the walls. More often than not, you will make your room look more inviting and homey and less like a waiting room in a doctor’s office. Keeping furniture against all your walls doesn’t make it look bigger, it can just make it look empty

2. Get more lighting

One thing that sets display homes apart from everyone else’s homes is the lighting. Use dimmers, use lamps, and track lighting. Layering the different types of light in the room is key. The rule of thumb is 100 watts per 5 square metres.

14 Tips to Make Your Home Look Like a Display Home


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3. Find your inspiration

This is how many designers start out their designs – using one object. It may be a swatch of fabric, a piece of art or a piece of furniture. Use that item to find your colour, style, mood and design scheme.

4. Paint

A lot of display homes really rev up their spaces with just paint. They have painted something special on the walls almost using the painted wall as art. Other times, they will paint an accent wall. Two words of caution on accent walls – First, make sure the accent wall contrasts enough with your main wall colour – Second, make sure you pick the right wall to be the accent wall; don’t pick some sliver of a wall or a wall that is to the side of the room away from the focal point of the room.

14 Tips to Make Your Home Look Like a Display Home


5. Plants

Most display homes have plants. Plants add a pop of colour and brings life, movement and depth to a room. If you struggle to keep a cactus alive (like me), then take a look at my blog ‘The 7 Must Have Indoor Plants’ and hopefully that can help you become an indoor plant green thumb
There’s also so many great fake plants available these days – So bring the outdoors in!


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6. Bookshelves

Lots of display homes have a library area filled with books and a bit of decor that look fabulous. We all know that books are expensive to use only as a prop. You know what they do? They visit opp shops and buy books based upon the colour of the cover. TIP Never leave the paper sleeve on it.

14 Tips to Make Your Home Look Like a Display Home

7. Window Treatments

Drapes can be hugely expensive. They don’t have to be. In most display homes, they only add drapery panels on either side of the window. They don’t cover the entire window, but simply frame it.

8. Candles

This is a standard in most display homes, especially in bathrooms. Get pillar candles and make sure to light the wick and create ambience. It’s the small touches that make your home look lived in and cosy.

9. Clutter

Get rid of the clutter. There is no clutter in model homes. Just adhere to a place for everything and everything in its place. If you have problems with clutter or need some help getting on top of it, download my free e-book ‘Chaos to Calm – The Ultimate De-cluttering Guide’ and let’s get that sorted asap

14 Tips to Make Your Home Look Like a Display Home


10. Accessorise your stairway walls

If you have stairs with big blank walls on the side, place a collection of picture frames, art or wall art etc. at approximately just above eye level – see tip 12

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11. Pillows and Cushions

Lots and lots of pillows on the master bedroom bed – usually 7 pillows and 2 cushions will do the job. Three large euro pillows in the back, next, two standard pillows for each side of the bed, and then two largish cushions (50cm x 50cm or 60cm x 60cm) in front of and in the middle of the standards. Think of it like a V shape, largest to smallest from the headboard/wall
At least 2 large cushions (60cm x 60cm or 80cm x 80cm) placed in either corners of the couch, and then depending on the size of your couch, maybe a smaller cushion (40cm x 40cm) placed in front of them


12. Artwork, Wall Décor or Mirrors

Turn a big blank wall into something special or useful by adding some nice framed artwork, wall décor, a mirror or a clock. There’s so many options these days that there’s really no excuse for a big bland wall. Make sure whatever you choose that you choose a size that suits the size of the wall. If it’s a large space, get a large mirror or clock etc – you could also choose artwork in groups of three to fill out the space.
Same theory if it’s a small space, you don’t want to overcrowd it

14 Tips to Make Your Home Look Like a Display Home

13. Flooring

With all of the open plan home designs these days, a good way to separate the different ‘zones’ is with area rugs. Pick a rug that suits your style, whether it’s shaggy, contemporary or sisal. You also need to consider the size of the room – my rug rule is bigger is usually better. Whatever size you think you need, go one size up.


14. Accessories

My Mum would often call these things “nic naks” or “dust collectors” – but in the world of interior decoration, the fancy word is accessories. Whether it’s lanterns or candle holders, cloches, ornamental statues, baskets, or jars and vases. Also, add accessories around your house in sets of odd numbers like a set of three – it’s more pleasing to eye for some strange reason. Try it, I swear it’s true – and weird

If you need help getting your home looking like a display home, I’m here to help. You can send me an email or better yet schedule a call

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