Does your home decor suck? You may not be aware, but people are talking.

They are talking about your ugly room. They go home and are appalled that you haven’t noticed or even tried to make it look better. How could you?

Maybe you don’t even know your room’s ugly!

Here are the eight signs to help you figure out if your décor sucks

1. Your Paint Job

You watched one too many of those decorating shows on TV and thought, “Hey, they can paint a room in 10 minutes, so can I!” Well, that’s where you veered off the road of home décor. One coat is not going to usually do it, and if you didn’t prime it, come on. Also, if I can tell every place your paint roller went, that is a real big clue that being a painter is not in the cards for you.

8 Signs Your Home Decor Sucks

2. Your Paint Colour Selection

You read the book as a child. You loved it. Let me tell you, my friend, instituting the colour palette from the “Curious George” book is not the right idea. People don’t want to see the primary colours used all over your house, let alone used together. If your room looks like you asked the local preschool for help, you’re done. We’re taking away your fan deck!

8 Signs Your Home Decor Sucks

3. Your Bedding

If your bedding is one of the following items, you’ve messed up majorly: A) you have a blanket that depicts some animal in a nature scene. B) Your bedspread could also double as a shower curtain. C) Your bedding has more flowers than an arboretum or D) Your bedding reminds someone of an African safari. The last one only worked in Blanch Devereux’s bedroom on the “Golden Girls”.

8 Signs Your Home Decor Sucks


4. Your Grandma’s Handiwork

If you have anything like a macramé plant holder, a quilted landscape hanging, or the full size ceramic dog she painted in her craft class, your décor is in need of help. Come on, these things didn’t look good in the decade they were created and if you have any of these things out if full force, it tells me two things. Either you are a vintage fanatic or you’re grandma’s baby.

8 Signs Your Home Decor Sucks

5. Animal Heads

If you have an animal head over your bed, you just scored for the ugliest décor. If the animal head is over your fireplace and the rest of your living room looks like it came out of the Fisherman’s Yearly Home Décor catalog, you come in second place. The only way animal heads are cool these days is if they are ceramic or metal and more points if you hang Christmas lights on them.

8 Signs Your Home Decor Sucks

6. Curio Cabinets of Crap

If you have a curio cabinet and you have jammed every little steel thimble or ceramic squirrel you could find, you need therapy. I’m not even sure the last time I ever saw a curio cabinet done well, let alone seen one in modern times. By modern times, I mean this century. If I did see one, it was in someone’s house that was what we would term a “seasoned citizen”.

8 Signs Your Home Decor Sucks

7. Your Carpet

If your carpet if Hunter Green, please come to the front of the line. That colour was in fashion many, many moons ago. You should have replaced that by now, and if you didn’t because “Gosh darn it, it’s just in such good shape” then stop reading; you’re hopeless when it comes to décor. Carpet needs to be up to date, clean and nice to look at. If your carpet looks like a matted dog’s fur, change it!

8 Signs Your Home Decor Sucks

8. Your University Days

If your décor resembles the days while you were in university in any way, shape or form, we need to talk. I know money was scarce and you were studying, partying, partying and partying. You’re no longer the “cool” girl who says she doesn’t need furniture to define who you are. Yes, you do. One TV tray and a brass-framed coffee table doesn’t work, it never did. You just had free beer and that’s why everyone was at your place.

By no means is this a complete list, but this should help those peeps who are in emergency need of redecorating. There’s hope and help for you. Admitting you have an ugly room is the first step. Asking for help is the second – and that’s why I’m here for you

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