I want you to meet Melissa who got some amazing results using my e-design service.

Melissa and her husband were looking to purchase a holiday cabin in Inverloch Vic. They wanted something that would allow for them, their two young boys and for their extended family to be able to stay.

They found a cute little cabin, however, it was just that – little. Melissa’s husband initially said “No way, it’s too small!”.

But after talking with me about some different design ideas that could make the most of the limited space, she talked her husband into buying the ‘little’ cabin – and boy are they so glad they did (yes, even the husbands happy!)

I started by measuring the whole cabin and drawing up a floor plan. This is super important for any space, but especially where space is limited and you have to be sure that the furniture you choose will actually fit.

I then put those measurements into my ‘special’ design software, along with some measurements and images to represent the furniture – this way we know exactly what dimensions we need for the furniture

Now that I had the measurements, it was time to go shopping! Yay, the fun part! And the best part of e-design is Melissa could see my suggestions in 3D, in her space, before she decided to purchase

There was a fair amount to consider in the cabin, including
– limited space, so furniture had to be relatively compact and multi-purpose
– Melissa needed extra storage and extra sleeping options for her extended family
– had to be child friendly
– limited budget

So with all that in mind, I set to work finding the best options for Melissa.

The dining table we chose included bench seating that could not only fit more people than regular dining chairs, but that could also be pushed right under the table for when they weren’t eating

Before & After Mel's Cabin

The kitchen stools are made of durable, but beautiful white iron. They are really child friendly and stack up when not being used

The sofa folds out to a queen sized bed, great for those extra overnight guests, and is in a child friendly and gorgeous grey. It also has extra sneaky storage under the chaise

The ottoman triples as a footstool, a child friendly coffee table and it has storage when you lift the lid!

Before & After Mel's CabinThe bedroom was a real challenge, because there was almost no room at all and it was bright blue! But we painted it white and managed to get a queen sized bed, where the mattress and base lifts up and has storage underneath

Before & After Mel's CabinThe kitchen – oh where do I start! That blue!! The colour of the kitchen itself was making the space look and feel smaller than it actually was, and because a new kitchen wasn’t in the budget, I suggested an awesome paint product that is specifically for laminate kitchens
It made a huge difference and even the kids love it!

Before & After Mel's CabinHere’s a few more before and after’s (I love before and afters!)

Before & After Mel's CabinBefore & After Mel's Cabin

Pretty great, don’t you think? If Melissa’s results have you dreaming about whats possible for your own space then I’d love to help

You can contact me here or look into my services here.

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