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Are you drawn toward abstract artwork? Does your heart thrill at the sight of a clean-lined sofa? Do you find yourself de-junking regularly? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are a prime candidate for achieving a contemporary style in your home.

Contemporary style is based on the concept of the present, the here and now. This style is neither warm and fuzzy nor cold and harsh; it simply is. Clutter is non-existent in a contemporary space, while the design elements of neutral, clean, smooth, and subtle reign supreme.

Not to be confused with modern style, which is more stark and rigidly designed, contemporary style hinges on a clean-lined, smooth aesthetic. Horizontal and vertical directions are both important to consider when implementing a contemporary look into a space.

The foundation of contemporary style certainly is established within the realm of neutrality (think: white, beige, tan, black). Tone-on-tone color schemes allow for emphasis to fall upon the shapes and lines of incorporated pieces, which is a major component of contemporary style. However, this doesn’t mean that color should be avoided. It is this careful pairing of neutral elements with rich, bold color that brings out an unforgettable contemporary vibe.

Contemporary Design - Harp Interiors

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Contemporary Design – Harp Interiors