Have you cracked the designing a dining room code yet? No? That’s ok, that’s what I’m here for – let me give you some tips

How you go about designing your dining room is important. When you think about your dining room, most people today associate it with hosting. Your room should make a statement about you and be comfortable.  You want to it to be a space for everyone to gather and enjoy your time together while creating memories. It doesn’t need to be ultra-formal, but the basics remain the same… a table, some chairs, storage and lighting.

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Dining Table

When you go about picking a table out for your space, make sure it is something you love and reflects your style. The table will be the focal point in this room. The table should fit comfortably in the space and be functional.

You may really like a high end table that’s made from beautiful speciality wood, but remember that it may need extra care that you may be unwilling to undertake and may not be the best choice if you have little kiddos

Choose a table that can grow with you, not one that is the trend this season. Look for one that can expand if you need it to.  A table that is less ornate will be one that you can accessorise in many different ways and go with the times.

Round tables are great for conversations and smaller spaces, but are sometimes limited in their ability to expand.

Dining Chairs

Chairs are key to your dining table. They should complement your table and be comfortable. Who wants to sit at your beautiful table and at the same time they are wishing they could go sit on your couch?!

Chairs don’t need to be from the same furniture collection or match the table. In fact, table and chairs today are sold separately to allow mixing and matching.

Using chairs that are from a different furniture line will make your space more casual, but try to have a unifying element that ties your chairs to the table.

Upholstered chairs will add comfort, colour and texture. Using slipcovers makes your chairs even more functional and practical. They can be thrown in the wash when dirty and changed out depending on the season or décor.


It’s really important that your light works in scale with your dining table, but if in doubt I always say: the bigger, the better.

If you’ve got a small round table then one central pendant light is going to be the way to go.

If you have a long rectangular dining table, then you can go for a series of matching pendant lights.

Odd numbers always work best, so think about three or five pendants, all situated in a row.

In an open plan living space or a kitchen-diner, a large pendant light over the dining table can help with your ‘zoning’. A large pendant helps to focus the eye on the table and separate the eating zone from the rest of the room.

Once you have these key pieces selected it is time for accessorising. This is the perfect opportunity to use your dining table as the stage for seasons, holidays, and your design scheme. Let your table show off you, your style and the time of year!

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