Decorating a new home is always an exciting and beautiful step in your life. So, as you move into your new home or renovating your current one, you will want to make it beautiful, but also happy. You need to feel happy in your own home, you need a home that gives you this feeling every time you walk in the door, that makes you want to stay at home more and more, and enjoy every corner of it. To keep a home happy is actually pretty simple, and it doesn’t mean you need more ‘stuff’

Step 1: Get Rid of Clutter

Don’t you feel stressed or angry when you see a crowded space? Like, you always have to organise it and throw away things or just look away or move to another room? That’s annoying isn’t it, and it sure doesn’t make you feel relaxed in your own home! Well, to avoid this kind of daily upset, all you have to do is get rid of clutter. Do you see things that you don’t need or don’t make you happy? Just throw them away or give them away and you’ll see how easier and relaxed your life will get. Also, try to keep order day by day, in this way things will not get really crowded or messy at the end of the week and you will feel very relieved To get a head start, download my FREE e-book “From Chaos To Calm – The Ultimate De-Cluttering Guide’ CREATE A HAPPY HOME IN FOUR EASY STEPS

Step 2: Pick Neutral Colours

Ever notice when you walk into a day spa or something similar, that it’s instantly relaxing? Do you remember what colours were being used in the room? I’m gonna bet that they were neutral colours. Neutral colours are very relaxing and they go with everything, that’s why they can you make feel very happy and calm. Also, these shades always look new and modern so they bring a fresh vibe into your home. They are also super calm and guarantee a relaxing day at home or a good night sleep. CREATE A HAPPY HOME IN FOUR EASY STEPS

Step 3: Choose Things That Please All Your Senses

When decorating you’re always thinking about how the room looks. But other senses are important to. Let’s start with the tactile sense or how things ‘feel’ for which you can try really soft sheets for your bedroom, a lot of pillows for your living room or comfy chairs at your dining table. Choose some cool chill out music for your home and even for your balcony, it will transform your day at home into a day at a trendy terrace. Music has a way of setting a mood, again, remember what’s going on at that relaxing day spa Next is the smell of a room. Just like music can take you back to fun memories or put you in a certain mood, so too does smell. From scented candles to room diffusers, pick scents that you really love and enjoy or that make you think of certain memories or a relaxed vacation by the sea. CREATE A HAPPY HOME IN FOUR EASY STEPS

Step 4: Low Maintenance Decor

Fresh flowers are really beautiful, but they don’t last. Go for low maintenance house plants instead. Read my blog The 7 Must Have Indoor Plants and choose the best one for you I live on a dirt road, so having dark shiny furniture would drive me mad because it would need dusting every day! Think about where you live and who will be using the space and choose low maintenance, preferably double purposed décor and furnishings CREATE A HAPPY HOME IN FOUR EASY STEPS Need some help getting your interior decoration in shape? I’d love to hear from you – you can contact me here for a free 30 minute chat

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