There’s no denying that the concept of self-care can (ironically) seem overused in today’s social media. Every day I seem to read about self-care or morning routines, which never fails to make me question my own and make me feel like I’m not doing enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking small actionable steps towards bettering myself on a daily basis, but if you’re anything like me, it can be easy to feel pressure to amp up your self-care rituals to the point that they’re just another thing to add to your already-packed schedule.

I have to remind myself that it doesn’t take waking up at 5am to run 10 miles before work or creating a hefty list of daily intentions to make a huge difference in my mental and physical well-being. When I’m feeling stressed or depleted, rather than adding another commitment or setting unrealistic self-care goals for myself, I’ve come to find that it’s better for me to take a step back and just enjoy the small cues and comforts in my home that I know will fill up my cup.

This includes little things that stimulate your senses like candles, soft towels and beautifully scented hand wash

Sometimes, the quickest way to get ahead is to accept that we first need to slow down and ‘smell the roses’

Create A Spa Like Bathroom At Home With These Top Picks

Take a look at your bathroom. Is it inviting and make you feel calm and relaxed? Is it tastefully decorated? Heck, is it even clean? If you answered “Not really!” to any of these questions, perhaps it’s time to refresh this room and give yourself a space you deserve

Don’t panic—while the mere suggestion of a bathroom renovation might have you seeing dollar signs, it’s possible to create a spa-like atmosphere with just a few accessories. In fact, a soothing spa bathroom is best achieved with minimal fuss, making it easy to turn even the most boring bathroom into a zen-like space.

To achieve the look and feel of a spa, it’s best to start with a blank slate. First, remove all distracting clutter from the bathroom. Banish busy prints and any weird fuzzy toilet seat covers (one of six things your home can live without). If possible, give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint in a soothing colour such as light grey or classic white. Then, give the bathroom a deep cleaning.

Now you’re ready to add in some simple but beautiful accessories and thoughtful touches worthy of a five-star hotel.

Fluffy Towels

Nothing says spa quite like a stack of fresh and fluffy towels. You can choose to place neatly folded stacks of towels on a bench, roll them and place them in a basket, or simply fold them in thirds and hang them over a towel bar. There are many different types of towels to choose from, and any way you display them, white or light coloured towels give the sense of cleanliness and calm.

Mercer + Reid Eco Absorbent Solid Rose Mist Towels

From $39.99 at Adairs

Annecy Waffle Towel Range

From  $6.95 – $44.95 at Pillow Talk


Home Republic Flinders Ice Blue Towels

From $39.99 at Adairs

Bath Salts and Soaks

I know you may never find time for that relaxing bath, but the visual cue of seeing them there will remind you that you could if you wanted to – and sometimes that’s enough. Plus they look so nice and it’s the perfect décor for a bathroom. Put them around your bath or on a bath caddy

La Source Revitalising Mineral Soak

$36.00 From Crabtree & Evelyn

Botanic Extendable Bath Caddy

$49.00 from Pillowtalk

Himalayan Pink Bath Salt Rock Baths Natural Crystal Body Scrub

$12.95 from


Teak or Bamboo Bath Mat

Have you ever wondered why spas almost always have teak or bamboo bath mats?  The reason is because they are naturally water and mold-resistant; but, they also happen to slip around a lot less than cotton bathmats or towels (and rarely need to be cleaned!).  Give yourself a safe, clean spot to step out of the tub with this luxurious touch.

Bamboo Duck Board

$15.00 from Kmart

Teak Bath Mat, Natural

$104.30 from Schots Home Emporium

Bamboo Bath Mat

$20 from Target

Soothing Scented Candles

Much of creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom relies on scent. A perfectly selected, minimally designed candle can add just the right sophisticated and soothing touch, one that you’ll love to enjoy at the end of a long day while taking off your make up or to get you off to a great start in the morning – and it only takes 10 seconds to light


$37.95 from Aura Home

Mercer + Reid Le Marais Hydrangea Candle

$29.99 from Adairs

The Aromatherapy Co. Elemental Au Scented Candle – Wild Orchid

$24.99 from

Fresh, Luxurious Soaps

Forget the cheap and nasty supermarket soap! You deserve a soap that feels heavenly on your skin, leaving it feeling silky soft and that smells divine. You only get a few minutes in the shower, make it count.  While you’re at it, put some moisturising liquid hand soap into a classy dispenser by the sink, with a smell that will stay with you and make you feel pampered


$19.95 from Aura Home


$19.95 from Pillowtalk


$29.95 from Aura Home

A Sleek Toothbrush Holder

It’s preferable to leave the bathroom vanity clear of as much clutter as possible.  If you don’t have storage space in your bathroom, then one exception to this is a toothbrush holder.  Keep it simple though, so you don’t distract from the soothing atmosphere you’re trying to create

Marble Bathroom Accessories

$14.95 – $59.95 from April and Oak


Retreat Grey Bathroom Accessories

From  $12.95 – $39.95 at Pillowtalk

Mercer + Reid Manhattan Separates Bathroom Accessories

From $14.95 at Adairs

Soft Terrycloth Robes

A robe is a little luxury that’s perfect for getting ready in the morning or dressing down at night. Having a robe by the shower in the morning will make you feel like you’re at a swanky hotel, or for after a long day when it’s practically begging you to put it on and relax for a bit.


$79.95 from Bed Bath N’Table

Mercer + Reid Sherpa Coal Hooded Bathrobe

$79.99 at Adairs

THE COTTON COMPANY Edina Waffle Bath Robe

$79.95 at Pillowtalk

Add Some Greenery

Spa-like retreats are known for their spare aesthetic, so there’s no need to accessorise your bathroom with lots of decorative items and artwork. Rather, outfit the space with simple amenities and storage items such as those described above, then add a touch of natural beauty with greenery to achieve an authentic spa-like experience.

Artificial Agave 73cm in a Decorative Black Pot

$199 from Catch

Kentia Palm in Plastic Pot 150cm

$149 from April and Oak

Home Republic Lennox Potted Fern Fishbone

$24.99 from Adairs

Essential Oil Diffuser

You won’t always have the time to light the candle, but that shouldn’t mean that your senses should go without. Having a diffuser will stimulate those feel good vibes without you having to do a thing, plus they can look really chic and spa like too

Home Republic Stone Fresh Cut Gardenia Diffuser

$39.99 from Adairs


$31.95 from Bed Bath N’Table

The Aromatherapy Co. Elemental Ag Diffuser – Ylang-Ylang, Rose & Musk

$24.99 from Catch

Cosy Slippers

Nothing says I’m home and I’m relaxed more than a comfy pair of slippers. Rest your tired feet, even if you’ve still got things to do around the house in some of these lux slippers

Slippers Saskia Cream

$34.95 from Catch


$14.95 from Bed Bath N’Table

Adairs Novelty Nancy Lamb Slippers

$19.99 From Adairs

So there you are, no excuse not to enjoy a little pampering in your bathroom – even if it is only for a few minutes

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