So you need help with your décor design or your interior decoration? Maybe you don’t have time or maybe the know how to pull together the insta worthy room you crave – well you’ve come to the right place, because that’s what I do! I do décor design and I do it all online
Online décor design, or e-design, or e-decoration – whatever you want to call it – is the newest interior design revolution sweeping the globe and it’s going to save you time and money, all while giving you the perfect room design

So What is Décor Design and E-Design?

E-Design is convenient way of decorating your home without the expense of hiring an interior designer for an in-person consultation. Designing your interiors online gives you the opportunity to engage my interior design services anywhere across Australia. All you need is access to a computer. All information is delivered directly to your email and you can decorate your home from anywhere including the comfort of your bed

Decor Design Done Online

E-design and the concept of designing your interiors online was born from the online world and the realisation of people’s need for time efficient and cost effective interior design solution. I cater for time savy people who want an experienced interior designer that can create their dream space, at an affordable price.

Typical interior design projects includes a lot of in-person interaction to identify the client’s style, likes and dislikes and vision for the space(s) to be designed, and it’s very pricey! The increasing popularity of virtual technologies such as design apps, instant messaging and the ability to have real-time project updates allows for more efficient and cheaper design options while still having client involvement throughout the project period.
It is a great way to decorate in stages – one room at a time at your own pace, or if you are a DIY-er at heart and enjoy managing your own design project.

Decor Design Done Online

Wherever you are in Australia, I can work with you to create your dream décor design
By creating your interior design online, I cut out the time & cost required for personal meetings. We’ll do all of our work together through phone calls, emails and via your very own private, personalized, password protected page, and you’ll get the same fantastic service and results as if I were in your home.
I work with your budget, style, and unique space. We’ll even incorporate any of your existing pieces into the room design.

I’ll give you everything you need to know to create a stunning result, including an itemised floor, furniture and space plan, paint colour recommendations, a clickable shopping list that will take you directly to the supplier’s website and your products page, and thorough instructions for turning your dream interior into a reality.
Turning your home into a gorgeous space worth pinning is not impossible. It doesn’t have to be expensive. And it won’t take a lot of time.

Who Would Benefit From Online Décor Design and E-Design?

E-Design is perfect for anyone who would like to revamp any room in their home, with the advice from an Interior Designer, but without the Interior Designer fees. Some clients may have a limited budget or may only be interested in concentrating on one room at a time. Others may want to revamp their entire home.

By designing your interiors online, you can create the look you want to achieve, despite time, distance or budgetary constraints.
I’m passionate about décor design and interior decoration. I believe that the space in which you live should be an extension of yourself, where you can rest, dream and escape. Harp Interiors can give you everything you need including furniture plans and selections, paint colours, a shopping list and thorough instructions for turning your dream into a reality.

I source selections from an endless supply of retail outlets, as I strive to find the best piece for the best price for you.
I have access to many wholesalers and in some instances the perfect piece may be available through this outlet, where we will pass on a trade discount to you. The result means you are getting a high quality items at a lower price, which is sometimes up to 30% off RRP.

Decor Design Done Online

So is it right for you?

If you’re new to online decor design services, it may be helpful to first ask is it right for you. E-design involves the use of online consultations, and an online design platform to facilitate real-time communication, collaboration, idea sharing and organization.
There are loads of options available to consumers to visualise, plan and design spaces throughout their home on their own, but the advice of a professional could prevent problems such as awkward furniture placement, ordering pieces not to scale with the room or wrong selection of materials (flooring, lighting, etc.)

It may look easy to duplicate that dream pin on Pinterest or Instagram, but hiring an online Interior Designer could be useful to avoid costly mistakes or design blunders.
I’ll be there, every step of the way, to help you finally create the space you deserve.

I’d love to have a chat about how e-design can help you ☺

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