When decorating a room, the last thing to be considered (if ever) is the curtains and the windows. I know they cost a butt load if you want something nice.

Well, save up! They’re a part of just about every room and require as much attention as the rest of the room. When you decorate, don’t forget to give the windows the royal treatment with some gorgeous curtains

What is it about a window? They let in the light, keep the insects and light out, and they allow us to see the world beyond from the safety of our home. Windows do a lot and are an integral part of any room.

Don't Forget The Curtains

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Windows provide a barrier between you and prying eyes. During the day, curtains are thrown open to let in more light. At night, those same windows could reveal all our activities.
At night curtains are designed to protect our privacy.
For privacy, try curtains that let in light but are also dark at night. Light coloured curtains don’t hinder the natural light as much as darker shades. But at night, your privacy is still intact.
If you’re not into curtains, try light filtering shades or shutters. These window treatments protect your furniture from harmful sun-rays that fade and warp. At night, they allow you to turn on every light if you want without alerting anyone outside.

Don't Forget The Curtains


Window treatments accent the room. The colours of your curtains or blinds don’t detract from the rest of the room. Wooden blinds or shutters present a neutral shade while controlling the light from outside and protecting privacy.

Special pull down shade treatments are a less costly alternative for palladium windows and skinny windows. Fabric shades that can be cut to fit are perfect for irregular shapes.

Window treatments can be fitted inside the windows so there are no marks on your walls. Take your measurements on the inside of the wall to ensure the blinds or curtains won’t be too wide.

Use curtains with UV resistant backing material to prevent fading. The sun will eventually change the colour of your curtains if they don’t have any backing. The exception would be light coloured sheers. Use them with the blinds of your choice to provide light, function and privacy.

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Don't Forget The Curtains


Most window treatments can be adapted to let in as little or as much light as you want. For rooms that get no sun, opening curtains and blinds lets in the maximum amount of light. Roman shades filter light and also provide a soft look to windows in any room.

Considering the amount of light in a room is important when choosing the shade of paint for your walls. If you are going for a low light effect, choose window treatments that allow in the smallest amount to light possible.

Like the eyes are the windows to your soul, your windows are the eyes into your home. Window treatments are meant to complement your room decor. Don’t leave them out of the equation.

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