Decorating Mistakes

So there is a bit of a risk, a small downside to e-design

A risk that a “white” dresser online might not be bright white, but might actually be “cream”. And if we’ve specified a paint color that is a bright white, then the cream dresser might look dirty next to the bright white paint. And we all know that most of all, COLOR is relative, and a color will look one way in one environment and totally different in another that’s surrounded by different colors. Right?

When you sign a contract with Harp Interiors or any online design company, you assume that risk. Because you’re getting design cheaper this way, and something’s gotta give if we do things cheaper.

Unfortunately, there’s just never going to be a way to guarantee everything that we recommend from an online retailer.

However, here at my design studio, I like to sleep at night.

I don’t want to worry if that fabric on that sofa is more taupe-grey or more cool-grey.  I want to KNOW. So, I’ve taken some time to prepare. I’ve chosen my preferred vendors based on who can send me samples of fabrics and finishes or vendors we can actually visit in person where I can go to check things out if necessary. BECAUSE…I like to sleep!

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Decorating Mistakes