Decorating Trends

Trends come and go, whether its fashion (hands up if you remember bubble gum jeans and fluoro socks!), food (did you try the kale smoothie? Yuck!) or home furniture (yes I’m talking to you yellow timber from the nineties).


When it comes to fashion, you can play around with the newest on trend top for a season without too much damage to purse and you can even give that green kale smoothie a go if you’re brave, but what about your home furniture and décor?

Well unless you have a large amount of disposable income, changing your home furnishings every time you see the latest Instagram or Pinterest post really isn’t going to be budget friendly.

We all do it, I do too. All those gorgeous Instagram and Pinterest posts have you looking at your own home and wondering how you can find a bundle of money to make your home look like that. And then you see another gorgeous look and you want that too!!!

So what can you do when you really fall in love with the latest look, style or decorating trends but can’t stretch the budget to re-do the entire house?

The best way around this is to add sprinkles of the style around your home by way of cushions, throw rugs or a few accessories. Invest the real money into your main pieces, like your couch and dining table etc and use the loose coins for changing up the accessories next time you fall head over heels with that Insta post or new decorating trends.

Decorating Mistakes

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