If you’re anything like me (and I bet you are), you know that the key to a stress-free, functional home is to start with a good foundation. And that foundation needs to be clutter-free and organised! I seriously can’t stress this enough! So for your home organisation efforts to pay off, let’s chat about five mistakes people often make, and how to avoid them.

Home Organisation Mistake #1: Keeping Too Much Stuff

I could be a broken record on this! In fact, I probably was in last week’s post. Keeping too much stuff that we don’t need takes up too much precious space, wastes our time, stresses us out, doesn’t leave room for what’s really important, and is downright embarrassing.
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Home Organisation Mistake #2: De-cluttering a Little at a Time

Now this is a very popular method of purging your home of unwanted fluff, but let me tell you, it’s all wrong.

Don’t de-clutter a cabinet a week. Don’t throw away an unwanted thingamabob a day.

You’re wasting time! You need to get this done, like now!

It doesn’t have to all be done in a day, but your de-cluttering efforts should be done in large sprints at a time. All the clothes, all the paperwork, all the craft materials, all the books, ALL THE THINGS!

If you decide to throw away a piece of trash at a time, or just tackle one drawer, you will never finish. You’ll find something else to do, the organisational system will never be put in to place. And you will be sad. Very sad.

The solution is to pick a category of items and completely purge that zone in one day, and if you can’t do that, maximum, one week. Here are some examples of categories:
– Paperwork
– Clothing
– Personal Products
– Books
– DVDs, CDs, etc.
– Craft supplies
– Holiday Décor
The list goes on, so start purging!

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Home Organisation Mistake #3: Bagging Up Clutter and Not Getting Rid of It Immediately

I’ve never really understood this concept – Bag up what you don’t like, and then if you don’t want everything that you bagged up after a set period of time, then throw the bag away.

Really? I’m so busy that I would probably forget about the bag all together and it would stay in my garage as relocated clutter.

And I don’t need some home organisation guru granting me permission to toss the junk after a month.

The solution to this one is easy- toss the trash immediately or set up a donation pickup.

Deciding what you want to keep and what you need to get rid of shouldn’t take you a month of debating. Just get rid of it now!

Home Organisation Mistake #4: Not Putting an Organisational System in Place Once the Clutter is Out

So the clutter is gone- now what?

If you don’t decide where to put everything in a logical manner, it won’t be organised and easy to find/use.

Figure out where to put the papers, put clothes away in a way that works for you, create zones for your kitchen (such as baking, grilling, prep) if you have a lot of cooking products.

Everything should have a place in your home.

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Home Organisation Mistake #5: Not Labelling Your Things Once They’re Organised

Last one! Once you only have what you love or find useful and it has a place, label it- especially if it’s not in a clear container.

If you decided to put all of your baking ingredients into chic little canisters- label them.

If you put different holiday décor into different bins- label them.

If you filed away paperwork into different file folders- label them.

This is just an added touch to make everything super easy to find and put away. And once everything is easy to find and put away, you have a truly functional home organisation system that will save you time and cut down on stress.

Once you have a home organisation system in place that works for your family and eliminates all the junk, you’re all set and can then start painting, decorating, and getting that house that is oh-so you and de-cluttered to boot!

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