If you didn’t build your house or maybe you’re renting, you may find yourself with problem areas, such as an awkward out of place window.

So how to you decorate an awkward window with doing a total renovation?

Don’t worry, I have a designer secret up my sleeve that will make that window not only look gorgeous, but also give the illusion of a larger window.

First of all, let’s take a look at that misplaced window – doesn’t this look dull and sad?

How To Decorate An Awkward Window

Curtains are always a good option for difficult windows, but only if it’s done right.

The golden rule when using curtains either in a small space or on an unwanted small window is to go as high and wide as possible.

The picture below shows done wrong (window 1) and done right (window 2) – big difference!

How To Decorate An Awkward Window

To further disguise the small window and the space from the window to the floor, let’s add some furniture.

You can see that even with furniture added, the high and wide curtain wins hands down – remember the golden rule

How To Decorate An Awkward Window

So let’s look at our before and after
What would you do with a window like this?

How To Decorate An Awkward Window

So there you have it – awkward window be gone!

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