For the first years of being a Mum, I honestly thought we wouldn’t be able to decorate our house until our kiddo(s) were grown up and moved out. I accepted it. I let the plastic toy explosion and chocolate milk stains of chaos rule our life.

Refusing to live in a home that resembled a kindergarten, I came up with lots of different decorating tricks that I could use to make our house look neat and nice without its first impression saying, “Hi, welcome to our home. We’re giving up for the next 18 years.”

And you want to know something awesome? Once I started decorating our house and putting in some thoughtful effort and compromise so that everyone’s needs could be met, I noticed that it also taught our kids to respect our home too.

My kids are big kids now (young adults) and these little tricks are still relevant and still work so that I’m not running around nagging them to keep the house clean and tidy – well not as much anyway




Love a white couch? Me too. Think you can’t have one because of your kids? Think again. If there’s ever a spill or a tummy bug, just toss the slipcover in the wash and then on the line to dry, and it’s good as new .We have them on our lounge room couch, and dining room chairs, and we love not having to worry about them.

Extra tip – invest in some Scotchgard that you can pick up from the supermarket for about $10-15 and spray on your covers before its first use and after every wash

Weathered wood table tops

If you already love farmhouse, vintage or shabby chic style, using a weathered wood dining table or coffee table is already pretty great. But I love that our kids could have craft time, in fact my 16 year old still draws at the dining table, or bang them up all they want without us being worried. The more weathering, bumps and knocks, the more character.

Baskets for toy clutter

We felt like we were drowning in toys until we implemented a toy storage system – the system was, put everything in that big basket! And if you can find a basket with a lid, then that’s a bonus. Some of the bigger baskets can be expensive, but it’s a good investment in my opinion. After all, what’s your sanity worth?

Extra tip – A more affordable option is laundry hampers

Trays for easily removable decor

I usually put a few decor pieces in a tray on our coffee table, dresser tops, or dining room table, and if the decor ever needs to be removed for game night or a big family meal or just for getting rough and rowdy, I can just move the tray out of reach in one fell swoop.

Vintage style rugs

I’ve discovered that vintage style overdyed rugs ROCK! Not just because they’re gorgeous but because they hide stains really really well. And they’re nice and soft for sprawling out during playtime on the floor. 

Wall hooks

When in the history of ever has a 4 year-old ever perfectly hung up a towel on a towel bar or a jacket on a hanger? We’re big fans of wall hooks in our laundry room and garage for jackets or backpacks and hooks in the bathroom for towels to make it easy.

Fake plants and flowers

My theory is, I can only keep either the kids or the plants alive, not both! And I have a cat who loves to dig up and eat any real plant that I’ve tried to have. So I keep an eye out for realistic fakes instead since they don’t make a mess like the real ones, and I don’t have to think about caring for them. Plus, if a child nibbles on a plant (it happens), you don’t have to worry about it being poisonous.

So there you have it, lots of little hacks that you can use to have a stylish home even if you have kids

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