Industrial is a design style that finds beauty in aged woods and worn textures mixed with forged or welded metal.  Tin, aluminium, iron, steel are all used in Industrial design so long as they have a matte finish and little hint of patina.

Industrial works as either an all-encompassing design style or just a small design element mixed with another style.  Even if you’re not 100% committed to Industrial as a design style, you can still incorporate a bit of this look through a few individual Industrial items. The beauty of Industrial is that it’s timeless, neutral, simple and natural.

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Color: Your color palette should steer clear of bright, bold colors; instead you should look for warm, neutral tones to fill your space. Shades and tones of gray work well when mixed with white to add a crisp, clean look.

Walls and Structure: Exposed bricks, steel beams or columns, exposed concrete, unfinished wood, and stainless steel work well for this style. Walls should also incorporate large pieces of art.

Floor: The most used floor option for an industrial style is polished concrete. It can be as rough and patchy as you want it to be. Timber or stone flooring are also good finishes that will help you achieve the industrial look.

Decor and Furniture: You should find big comfortable sofas and large scatter cushions to work alongside ‘industrial’ artwork and accent pieces. Plants will also inject life and color into any environment so look for a few really great large leaf plants and some significant pots to house them.

Lighting: Free standing floor lamps in a metal finish are a great source of lighting for this look. Try to add a few pendant lamps into your space as well.

Industrial Style - Harp Interiors

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Industrial Style

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Industrial Style – Harp Interiors