Rich in color, texture, and architectural design, Moroccan design is loved by many. Moroccan style is all about the individual craftsman, from handmade furniture to hand-woven tribal textiles, from hand-painted tiles to hand-laid mosaics. The style exudes warmth and comfort.

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Some of the details you’ll likely notice in Moroccan style include high ceilings, mosaics, carved wood, patterned openings and window frames, and a lovely blend of interesting and unique textiles. There are mixed prints and patterns, comfortable Moroccan poufs and other seating, and ornate side tables. The richer tones of golds, reds, blues, and greens are what first catches the eye, but they are balanced neatly by light neutrals and dark wood tones.

Moroccan Style - Harp Interiors

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Moroccan Style – Harp Interiors