Although structure and predictable order play a part, the traditional design style is ultimately about comfort, warmth, and familiarity.

Warm Color Palette. Inspired from a time when a home’s colors were warm and encompassing, traditional style maintains the use of rich, dignified colors today. Colors aren’t the focal point of a traditional space; rather, they take backstage and are happy to provide warmth to the space overall.

Rich, Warm Wood Tones. Darker wood tones lead the way in traditional style. Think oak, mahogany, walnut, or cherry, mahogany, oak. You want a feeling of presence and depth in your use of wood, which is sometimes hard to achieve with blonder woods and bamboo. Of course, your traditionally styled space needn’t be completely covered in wood to be successful

Tailored and Refined Furnishings. Traditional rooms veer far from sharp angles and harsh lines. Instead, they embrace soft edges and curves and sumptuousness. Furnishings are usually upholstered and fairly formal but are designed to invite people to sink right in through their careful conversation-promoting arrangement.

Traditional Design Style - Harp Interiors

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Traditional Design Style – Harp Interiors