Clutter. It’s gotta go! No matter how you hide it, cover it up, or pretend it isn’t there, it’s dragging you down.

And if you truly want the stress-free, functional home that is the envy of all your friends, all of those cabinets, drawers, boxes upon boxes have to be not only organised, they need to be purged!

Instead of being afraid to open your closet for fear that Lord only knows what will pop out and attack you, you need to de-clutter your home, like now!

This is a no brainer! If you de-clutter your home and purge it of all the junk you don’t use and don’t need, you’re going to make more space in your life for the things you do love.

So many people I talk to say the number one thing they don’t like about their home is the lack of storage space. Instead of adding storage solutions, building additions, or purchasing an outdoor shed, which all cost mucho bucks, why don’t you start getting rid of the things in your home that you don’t need and love? Sounds a lot cheaper to me!

Repeat after me- I don’t need all of this stuff!

De-Clutter Your Home

De-clutter Your Home So You Can Find Things Easily

A place for everything and everything in its place.
I have no idea where that phrase came from, but it is gospel! I can’t even count the number of times I have had to find my marriage certificate for who knows what! Like, to change my Paypal name!

And until I had a system in place for my paperwork, I spent way too much time looking for it.
And the biggest part of creating a paperwork system that worked for me was getting rid of everything I didn’t.

We’re talking seven bags of paperwork!

And that black shirt of mine? Could never find it until I finally got rid of half of my wardrobe that I never wore!

The list goes on: the tape measure, the yoga DVD, the box of Christmas ornaments that I actually hang on the tree.

It wasn’t until I got rid of all of the items in my house that I didn’t love or have a use for that I started finding the things I needed quickly. I’m busy, and I know you are too. We need all the time we can get! So spending the time to de-clutter your home will actually give you more time in the end!

De-Clutter Your Home

De-clutter Your Home So You Love What You Have

The key to a magical home that you love to come home to?

Only having what you love!

Even if you have most of your items out of site, isn’t it nice to know that everything you have is either special, lovely, or useful?

Now I’m not talking about loving everything. I don’t necessarily love my hammer- but it sure is useful when hanging the art that I do love.

And imagine a closet full of clothes that you only love! You’ll always have something to wear, even if it’s the same five outfits over and over. That’s what French women do, and I never argue with what French women do.

You get the picture? Keep what you love and your home will be a place you love!

De-clutter Your Home to Have Less Stress

Come on now! You know those clutter-ridden cupboards stress you out!

You know that not finding things stresses you out!

You know that things not having a place because every nook and cranny of the house is already filled to the brim with junk stresses you out!

Clutter stresses you out!

I know it stresses me out.

And there are too many damned things in this world that already stress us out! Work, dishes, loud neighbours, traffic, Mondays, running out of coffee!

We need less stress in our lives, and the only way you will ever begin to have less stress in your home is to purge it of all of the clutter.

And if this means getting rid of every useless gift you got for your wedding, so be it!

To de- stress your life, you need to de-clutter your home.

De-Clutter Your Home

De-clutter Your Home to Avoid Embarrassment

We’ve all been there. House guests.

Even if it is just for the day, we’re all a little on edge when people visit our home. (Except my besties- they don’t judge my cat fur and dirty dishes. That is why I love them!)

Will it be clean enough? Will they judge me? Will they look in my cabinets?

And wouldn’t it be great if Nosey Nancy found everything clean, neat, and clutter free?

Yes. Yes it would.

I once had someone over that said she judged people on how clean their window sills are. You can guarantee that she looked in my cabinets. But no need to worry- mine are clean. She probably just found a toilet brush and cleaning supplies. Now, the window sills are a different story. I didn’t invite her over again. #windowsillsnob

So impress all of your friends and frenemies (and de-stress yourself) with spotless, organised, tidy closets, drawers, and cabinets. It all starts with the simple decision to de-clutter your home!

Chaos to Calm front cover De-Clutter Your Home


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